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As part of the KARAMOJA Campaign, four international conferences are organized from October 2008 to January 2009 across Europe.

Besides, we are also organizing a panel as part of the first World Conference of Humanitarian Studies in February 2009.

The conferences are freely open to the public: No entry fee! (Beware: this does not apply to the World conference of humanitarian studies!)

At these conferences, key public figures, experts, scientists and NGOS will discuss the hot contemporary issues that permeate the Karamoja crisis as well as other crises in Africa and worldwide.

These include, among others, isues of:

Food security

Global and regional climate change

Arms trade and civilian conflicts

Human rights and indigenous peoples rights


Sustainable pastoralism

Development cooperation

Education services


October 24th-25th 2008, Lüneburg, GERMANY

European Awareness of Sustainability in Africa: Issues of Pastoralism

Further details on the conference page


November 27th 2008, Groningen, NETHERLANDS

The future of traditional societies in Africa: The situation of the Karamoja region of Uganda

Further details on the conference page



November 26th 2008, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

Education in Africa

Further details on the conference page



January 20th 2009, Paris, FRANCE

Climate change and security in Africa

Further details on the conference page



February 4th-7th 2009, Groningen, NETHERLANDS

Pastoralism, sustainability and the complexity of humanitarian crises in Africa: comparative analyses and case studies

Further details on the panel's page