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Campaign cities in Europe

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visit to Brussels (January 23rd 2009)

The Karamoja campaign 1/3

The campaign across Europe

Click here to access photos from the four conferences, the world conference of humanitarian studies, the cultural exchange between schools in Europe and in Karamoja, the visit to the EC in Brussels and the art intervention on Geneva CCC students (see country pages for more details).


Supported by the European Commission, the Karamoja campaign was coordinated by the French non-government organization ACTED, in partnership with the Leuphana Universiteit Luneburg, Germany, and the Czech NGO People in Need.
It took place in six countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.

The objective was to create public awareness in Europe and advocate for a more sensible relation between Europe and developing countries for a sustainable development. The case of Karamoja introduced the European public to the complexity of development issues and to the interrelatedness of the different challenges facing populations in crisis regions in the context of globalization.

Why raise awareness in Europe?
Raising public awareness in Europe is key to gaining public support for development policies implemented by the European Commission and national governments. Recently, many donors have stepped up their cooperation with African governements to develop pastoralist areas, including the Karamoja region. Europeans are also entitled to know and better understand the development problems in the South and decide what policies are adapted to assist vulnerable population in their plight. The media holds a strategic role in educating and mobilizing Europeans at local, national and international levels.


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