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The Karamoja campaign - 2/3
Malnurished children

Malnurished children in Locholi

What activities?

The following events and activities took place throughout the campaign:

Documentary film: filmmakers Steffen Keulig and Sacha Kagan, with the support of ACTED, have produced an exclusive documentary film in February 2008. This documentary was projected at several festival and events in 2008-2009 and the trailer is available online on this website.

Website: all information on the campaign is available on the website www.karamoja.eu; media organizations are highly encouraged to log in to download information documents, photographs, find useful contacts and resources, etc.

High profile conferences/symposia: during the autumn 2008-winter 2009, four conferences/symposia on the Karamoja region took place in Paris (France), Groningen (Netherlands), Lueneburg (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic). Guest speakers, including leading public figures, debated about the future of pastoralism and issues of sustainable development.

Awareness-raising and cultural events/exhibitions: artistic interventions in public space, cultural exhibitions and other cultural events took place in the same four cities as the conferences/symposia, as well as in Bordeaux and Brussels.

Advocacy: Students from four European universities prepared an advocacy paper to be disseminated to European institutions and the UN, through the support of ACTED. The students prepared and participated in an advocacy trip to Brussels.

Networking: Throughout the campaign, actors from different sectors worked together to raise awareness, including NGOs, universities, schools, research centres, UN/donor organizations, media, etc. It was an opportunity to identify key contacts, obtain information on pastoralist issues and collaborate with various actors for the media.

To learn more about activities country-by-country, look at the country section.


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