Welcome to the Cultura21 wiki, the open platform for the Cultura21 international network. Here, you will find self-presentations by network members (organizations and individuals), ongoing discussions by network members and a number of open discussion fora where everyone can contribute. There is also a restricted access area for members only.

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  • January 2011: Cultura21 relaunched its website, which is now multilingual! Visit it at http://www.cultura21.net - News/announcements about Cultura21 events will be found, from now on, directly at our main website (no longer on this wiki space).

You will find older announcements in the ‘orange area’ (see below)...

Wiki Areas

This wiki is organized in three areas with three color-codes :

  • Green Area: the Open Arena ... Visitors are welcome to edit content in this area (to edit text in here, you first have to sign in on this wiki). This is the open arena where all visitors will find (and be able to create) a number of wikipages on specific topics.
  • Orange Area: the International Network ... Visitors may read, but not change content. (All network members can create and edit content.) This is the main area of the Cultura21 International Wiki. Here you will find self-presentation pages by members of the network and ongoing conversations between members of the network. The shared discourse of the Cultura21 international network, with collective texts by network members, is also elaborated here.
  • Red Area: members only ... Only Cultura21 network members may access this area. This is the more private salon where network members can have a bit more intimacy in the shared wikipages. Also contains restricted-access project wikis (e.g. Karamoja wiki). All the full members of the network can read, create and edit new wikipages in this area.

If you are a member of the network’s open circle (mailing-list) and wish to obtain writing rights for the orange & red areas, please send an email request to Sacha Kagan...

Wiki Documentation


Please use the Playground to practice using the wiki. Go ahead, this is the space where it really doesn’t matter if you mess things up in editing the wikipage...

Supporting the network

The international network depends entirely on contributions from its members for its structural financing. In order to help the network cover its basic costs, members are warmly encouraged to make donations to Cultura21.

Here is the bank account of Cultura21:

Institute Cultura21 e.V.

Account Nr.: 4018 971 700

BLZ: 430 609 67

International bank info:


IBAN: DE35 4306 0967 4018 9717 00

As “reason” for the money transfer, please write “Int-C21”

Thanks in advance

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