hello again ... hello again... just testin ...

Juhuuuu :-)!

my website and another website

This is the playground, where you can practice using the cultura21 wiki. Feel free to add edit this page, and to add or change content.

Regards, — Alexander Finkenberger 2007/05/02 17:47

Please edit this text to practise the wiki system

Doing a bit of testing hello evrybody, just don’t know what and how to do things


The Usage of WikiWordsLikeThis can be enabled. I’ve done that now. Do we want it to be enabled? — Alexander Finkenberger 2007/05/03 11:51

Oh yes, I love WikiWordsLikeThis ! — Sacha Kagan 2007/05/04 16:19

A red WikiWord indicates a link to an empty wiki page, whereas green WikiWordsLikeThis link to a page that already features some content. — Alexander Finkenberger 2007/05/05 16:00

Hello, I am testing a little bit –

ok, this seems easy... but you don’t see who i am ... let’s see how that works. aha, add signature...— Rana Oeztuerk 2007/05/20 12:16

I’m trying to write something. www.brut-de-beton.net
To a new page : http://www.cultura21.net/dokuwiki/doku.php/orange:members:boussagol

Bruno Boussagol 2007/06/19 18:13

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