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The Web Magazine of Cultura21 Germany was relaunched in October 2009!

The magazine has a special section with articles in English: Visit

We are looking for authors!

Articles in English for the magazine are welcome!


An article should be in between 2 and 4 pages long, i.e. between 1000 words and 2000 words. A priori, no footnotes and no endnotes are allowed: all references should be in the body of the text. (If your article has to contain endnotes, please keep them to a minimum.) Please minimize the overall number of references, keeping in mind that you are writing a magazine article, not an article for an academic journal.

The article should contain:

- Topic (max. 2 words)

- A good title for a webmagazine (more journalistic than scientific)

- Author (first name and family name, city, email-address, two/three biographical lines, evtl. Website)

- Teaser (max. 5 lines, that introduce the article and attract the potential readers)

- Text of the article (1000 to 2000 words)

- wished keywords (5 keywords exactly, no more, no less)

- eventually links and digital photos (for which you have copyrights, or which are in the public domain or copyleft)

The style/perspective of the article:

- for a wider, more popular, but intellectual audience

- critical, unconventional and creative, but with a qualitative demand (Anspruch)

- interdisciplinary and intercultural

Possible topics:

- articles about a personal experience or a personal opinion about a current topic

- scientific analysis

- best practices

- article on perspectives for the future

- specific themes announced by the editorial committee...

Editorial review

We will review articles both in terms of content-quality, relevance for the magazine and English language, and eventually propose editorial modifications to authors.

Once you have submitted an article, it will be reviewed by the editorial teams, eventual suggestions of modifications will be submitted to you, and finally, accepted articles will be published on the website’s English section. In case the topic of your article fits with the next upcoming “dossier”, the article will be published at the same time as the “dossier” (i.e. with a few months delay).

For reviewing the received English-language articles, an English-speaking editorial team has been constituted. Its members are: Prof. Dr. Hans Dieleman, Dr. David Haley, Dr. Sacha Kagan, Caffyn Kelley, Dr. Oleg Koefoed, Aviva Rahmani.

A final review (mainly a formal editorial check) for the publication of all articles may then take place, and will remain in the hands of the German editorial team (responsible for the overall Web Magazine) to which we will submit the articles after our review, i.e. Davide Brocchi, Hans Hübner, Thomas Schmeckpeper and Maraike Wenzel, in consultation with the coordinator of the English-speaking editorial team, i.e. Sacha Kagan.


Please note that the web-magazine is a pure “gift economy”, i.e. there won’t be any payment in case you send an article.

We do have an ISSN Number: ISSN 1863-9674

Where to submit my article?

You can submit your article by email (in either an Open Office or Microsoft Word “.doc” -not “.docx”!) directly to Sacha Kagan:

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