The Cultural Dimension of Sustainability; Towards an Ecology of Culture

On September 6 2007, the 52nd Venice Biennale, at the Thetis New Arsenal, was the site of a full day of events organized by the international network Cultura21. With lectures, debates, performances, videos and a workshop : See also the press release and the program.

On the current page, you can find further contents provided by contributors to the event, such as artists websites, links to video clips and further preview and feedback material...

Feedback material

You can find here some pictures and a raw (i.e. not edited) video footage of the event.

  • Pictures of the “Agents of Change” Social Sculpture on September 5th in front of the Giardini (pictures taken by Sacha Kagan)
  • Pictures of the main event at Thetis New Arsenal on September 6th

You need to have a Quick Time player or you can also use VLC.

Links to websites of contributors

Hans Dieleman:

Steffen Keulig:

Aviva Rahmani (USA):

Cultura21 Lueneburg: website for the Leuphana21 ‘identity correction’ project: (1st phase started on October 8th 2007; 2nd phase, with new content here: , started on November 1st 2007). An article in the national media Zeit Campus was published on November 15th about the Leuphana21 action:


Links to preview material

Preview of Aviva Rahmani‘s virtual intervention “Trigger Points/Tipping Points, part of the Virtual Cities and Oceans of If Project”:

Direct link to video preview:

Aviva Rahmani’s virtual intervention was followed by a moderated debate. Three categories of questions were proposed to the audience around the keywords of Justice, Balance and Ethics. Here is the first set of questions, about Justice: Can we take time to prosecute nations, corporations or people, for international environmental war-against-the-planet crimes? Can anything be appropriate amends for the death of a species? A Native Peoples? A watershed? A riparian zone?

On June 8 2007, Hans Dieleman organized a session of “Painting Sustainability”, or since the performance took place in Mexico-City’s Universidad Autonóma Metropolitana: “Pintar la Sustentabilidad”. An impression of the results can be seen on Youtube:

We, from fPcN Germany, the German Free West Papua Campaign, got the opportunity to present a video at the Biennale in Venice at September 6th 2007, 11.35. The title of our video is: “West Papua - The secret war in Asia” The content is the forgotten war against tribal people on the island of Papua New Guinea. West Papua is occupied by Indonesia and exploited by multinational companies. Since 1963, the West Papuans struggle for their independence from Indonesia. Until today, at least 100.000 Papuans lost their lives in this secret war.

Afterwards, there is room for discussion with the filmmaker Steffen Keulig (chair of fPcN Germany), the “jungle child” Sabine Kuegler, a famous bestseller writer from Germany as well as with Benny Wenda, the chairman of the Koteka Tribal Assembly and chair of the Free West Papua Campaign UK.

Background texts


Background text on the ‘flowers’ can be found on the following webpage:



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