Orange Area: the International Network

In this area, only cultura21 network members can create and edit pages. The area is open to visitors, but they may not edit content.

In this area you will find the self-presentations by members, the presentation and ongoing elaboration of a common discourse by the network and the ongoing conversations going on in the network.


  • January 2011: Cultura21 relaunched its website, which is now multilingual! Visit it at - News/announcements about Cultura21 events will be found, from now on, directly at our main website (no longer on this wiki space).
  • August 21st-27th 2010: The first International Summer School of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation (ASSiST) in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The theme of this first edition of the summer school was: “Walking and Places: building transformations”. Links: ASSiST's NING page ;wikipage from the preparatory phase...
  • March 2008 to May 2009: Cultura21 international provided its wiki platform as support to the “Karamoja campaign” for awareness-raising on issues of sustainable development among pastoralists in East-Africa. The Karamoja wiki is reserved to students participating in the Karamoja campaign and not accessible to the public, but the Karamoja website tells everything about the campaign and offers many further documents...
  • November 4th-8th 2008: “Arts, Culture and the Public Sphere” conference of the Arts research network and Culture research network of the ESA (European Sociological Association) in Venice (Italy). 16 members of Cultura21 are among the presenters. See the conference website...
  • October 9th-12th 2008: “The Asia-Europe Dialogue on Arts, Culture and Climate Change” was organized by the ASEF (Asia Europe Foundation)in Beijing, at the CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts), in association with Cultura21 (among others). Several members of Cultura21 took part in the exchanges and conference, and two of them (Oleg Koefoed and Insa Winkler) were invited at the CAFA for a residence with the arts and design students... Download the final report: Click Here ! Visit the website !
  • August 8-17 2008: “Subkulinaria”: Exhibition in Köln (Germany) organized by the regional Cultura21 network: see the website (in German only)
  • In November 2007, a Cultura21 network was created in Mexico! Visit the website and wikipages (in Spanish language)...

The Shared Discourse

The international network is building together a shared discourse on culture, the arts, social engagements, ecological awareness, and sustainability.

In this section, shared texts are elaborated collectively by the network members. The wiki allows members to change the common text. Ultimately, an agreement will be found on elements of shared discourse. (Please use the ‘conversation’ section below for discussing topics and issues in a more individual fashion.)

  • Goals of the international network
  • add here another page
  • etc.

The Ongoing Conversation

Members of the international network are engaged, ever since the Lueneburg conference in late March 2007, in a lively exchange on the topics related to the network’s area of concern.

In this section, this exchange finds its full expression, and is organized (as much as possible) into thematic categories, so as to ease the reading and communication process for all members.

  • a conversation about being a migrant ...
  • etc.

Network Members

The members of the open circle of the Cultura21 international network can be organizations, networks of organizations or individuals. Each member is invited to create a self-presentation wikiwebpage where the own work, activities, research, projects, creations can be presented (with pictures if available) and where the own contact info and website can be given. Please note that the lists below are not exhaustive (and have become largely incomplete/partly outdated).

To members: Please use the following format:

  • Your Name : affiliation (for individuals)
  • Your Organization (for organizations)

If your name is already in the list below: Click on the red text to start creating your page.

If your name is not already in the list below: Just click ‘edit’ to add yourself to the list. Do not forget to place an ‘internal link’ on your name/organization name. Then save your changes, and once back on the normal-view page, click on the link to start creating your own page.


NB: This list is NOT exhaustive! Besides, Cultura21 International also works with partner-organizations and funding organizations on specific projects. These organizations are not listed here.

* Art for Humanity (South Africa)

* Chile Sustentable (Chile)

* Gravitations Center for Action Philosophy (Denmark)

* Compagnie Brut de Béton (France)

* Ghost Nets, Cities and Oceans of If (USA)

* Stiftungsprofessur Kulturvermittlung und Kulturorganisation, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (Germany)

* Universidad Bolivariana (Chile)

* Freunde der Naturvoelker (Germany), German section of Friends of People close to Nature

* criticalnetwork (UK)

* South Florida Environmental Art Project, Inc (USA)

* The Outside In Project (UK)

* The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts (USA)

Individual Members

This list is NOT exhaustive, as not all the 350+ members of the ‘open circle’ of C21 International (participating in the mailing-list) are listed here...

* Chiara Bassetti : Department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento (IT)

* Christoph Behnke : ‘Organization and Mediation of Arts and Culture’ Department, at Leuphana Universitaet Lueneburg (DE)

* Arild Bergh : Sociology of the Arts Group at Exeter University (UK)

* Davide Brocchi : Institut Cultura21 (DE)

* Lisa Cerny (DE)

* Antonio Cerveira Pinto (Portugal/Spain)

* Francesca Cozzolino : EHESS (FR)

* Hans Dieleman : Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (MX)

* Alexander Finkenberger : Free Software Foundation Europe (DE)

* Cathy Fitzgerald (IE)

* Samuel Fleiner : Concept Nouveau (DE)

* Hans Goslinga (NL)

* Marianne Guarino-Huet : Critical Curatorial Cybermedia, Geneva University of Art and Design (CH)

* Patricia Haines : Level Green Institute (USA)

* David Haley : MIRIAD at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

* Felicia Herrschaft : University of Frankfurt (DE)

* Jokinen (DE)

* Jan Jordaan : Art for Humanity (South Africa)

* Sacha Kagan : ‘Distribution and Organization of Arts and Culture’ Department, at Leuphana Universitaet Lueneburg (DE)

* Steffen Keulig : Freunde der Naturvoelker (DE), German section of Friends of People close to Nature

* Volker Kirchberg : ‘Distribution and Organization of Arts and Culture’ Department, at Leuphana Universitaet Lueneburg (DE)

* Julien Knebusch : Leonardo (FR)

* Oleg Koefoed : Gravitations Center for Action Philosophy(DK)

* Juliane Krueger : AIESEC (DE)

* Katina Kuhn : INFU (Institute for Environmental Communication), at Leuphana Universitaet Lueneburg (DE)

* Friederike Lang (DE)

* Adrien Laubscher (CH)

* Rana Oeztuerk (DE)

* Beverly Naidus : Arts for Change, at the University of Washington, Tacoma (USA)

* Christian Papilloud : Cultural Sociology, at Leuphana Universitaet Lueneburg (DE)

* Lyudmila Petrova : Cultural Economics department, Faculty of History and Arts at the University of Rotterdam (NL)

* Goran Rakic (DE/Serbia)

* Aviva Rahmani : Ghost Nets and Cities and Oceans of If (USA)

* James Reed (ZA / UK)

* André Reichel : Institute of Economics and Law at the University of Stuttgart (DE)

* Ilaria Riccioni (IT)

* Astrid Robbers (DE)

* Shelley Sacks : Social Sculpture Research Unit, Oxford Brookes University (UK)

* Bettina Steinbruegge : Halle fuer Kunst Lueneburg (DE)

* Vera Strauss (DE)

* Annie Tubadji

* Kristien Van der Oever : Kunstzaak Amsterdam (NL)

* Laura Verdi : University of Padova (IT)

* Federica Vigano : Fondazione Enrico Mattei (IT)

* Insa Winkler (DE)

* Ersahin Yilmaz : Culture and Media department at the University of Duesseldorf (DE)

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