Pictures of the main event at Thetis New Arsenal on September 6th 2007

Benny Wenda and Richard Samuelson of the Free West Papua Campaign

Benny Wenda

Steffen Keulig, film-maker, author of “West Papua, the forgotten war in Asia”

The opening of the event: From left to right: Francesca Cozzolino, our host Lucrezia de Domizio Durini, Davide Brocchi and Sacha Kagan.

Introduction by Davide Brocchi

Introduction by Sacha Kagan

Introduction by Francesca Cozzolino

Sabine Kuegler

Free West Papua Campaign, with from left to right: Steffen Keulig, Sabine Kuegler, Benny Wenda and Richard Samuelson

Francesca and Davide

In the audience: From right to left on first row: James Reed, Lucrezia de Domizio Durini, Insa Winkler, Gerd, Shelley Sacks and Sabine Kuegler

Michele Marziani and Francesca Cozzolino

Michele Marziani and Francesca Cozzolino

In the audience: Shelley Sacks and Oleg Koefoed

Isabella Bordoni

Davide Brocchi

Lunch break talking...

Lunch break talking...

Benny Wenda and Shelley Sacks

Shelley Sacks; behind her are Francesca Cozzolino and Hans Dieleman

Lucrezia de Domizio Durini

Francesca with Ilaria Riccioni

James Reed talking, Oleg Koefoed demonstrating

Insa Winkler

Gerd replaced Steffen behind the videocamera in the afternoon

Shelley Sacks and Sacha Kagan in the background; a picture of Joseph Beuys in the foreground

Lucrezia and some of the audience in the late afternoon

Sacha with Shelley Sacks

Aviva Rahmani in the USA: Aviva participated virtually to the event

Group picture before leaving Thetis in the late afternoon

“Flowers of Sustainability”: Workshop performed outside in the evening, by the canals near the San Marco square

Flowers of Sustainability...

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