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Sustainability: a new frontier for the arts and cultures

The book Sustainability: a new frontier for the arts and cultures, edited by Sacha Kagan and Volker Kirchberg, was published in April 2008.

It can be ordered online at Amazon Germany or directly from the publisher (cf. the order form below ; do not hesitate to remind the publisher by email if you do not hear from them). Amazon sellers do not always have the book in stock, but unfortunately we have no control over that.

With 21 authors, most of whom are active in the new “Cultura21” international network, this book gives a wide overview of the field of inquiry and action we’re engaged in! And with its 570(!) pages, it provides an impressive first international publication of its kind in this field!

But I let you see by yourself: Please see the following documents:

  • One includes the Table of contents, preface, introduction and the list of authors of the book: PDF File
  • The other document is an order form: PDF File

Please spread the news around as much as possible: The best means of promotion for this book will be the word of (electronic) mouth. And I believe that this book really deserves getting promoted as much as possible!

Advanced praise for the book

Angelika Zahrnt, Chairperson of Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) and member of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE):

Arts has the potential to create new cultures - and thus a new cultural basis for sustainability. Interaction and interdisciplinarity broaden horizons. This is why I welcome this contribution for a dialogue on higher education for sustainability. I wish its readers plenty of inspirations!

See also: International Federation of Art Councils and Culture Agencies

For the authors and editors of the book, — Sacha Kagan 2008/04/05 08:04

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