Gravitations Centre for Action Philosophy - Copenhagen, Denmark


Gravitations is the first organisation of its kind in the Nordic countries, working to create an action philosophical platform from which to work in two directions:

* expanding the scope of philosophy as an experimentative discipline, close in kind to art, yet as self-critical as any scientific endeavour

* hosting philosophical events that build sustension (Bærekraft in Norwegian) - in other words, sustensive events

The latter is one of the results of the constant work with the conceptual development of a new language to describe a sociality that comes out of the combination of action philosophy and sustensive events.

Sustensive events are events that create more life force than they consume - in other words, they are culturally neg-entropic. This should not be seen as an output in a temporally linear sense, but as a chronotopic (a slice of space and time, if you like) opening, a suspension of efficiency, replaced by life as it folds into each other to create more, and more life, pure multiple in the forming.

So, as you see, Gravitations is not your average cultural organisation. Yet, also we have to work in the world, so we do:

* projects

* publications

* network contributions

* courses and workshop series

* symposiums

* art events

* and parties, of course, with plenty of food, drinks, music and poetry..

for more, check out our site (in Danish and English, if you are lucky).

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