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International: http://www.fpcn-global.org

Germany: http://www.naturvoelker.org

Free West Papua Campaign Germany: http://www.freewestpapua.de


E-Mail: fdn(at)fpcn-global.org

About us:

The forum for friends of Peoples close to Nature (f P c N) is a global movement of individuals and groups dedicated to the survival of triBal peoples, in particular hunter-gatherers. These were the first and are the last societies on Earth to have a non-exploitative relationship with the natural world. Our task is to help them preserve their unique cultures from enforced assimilation, the ideologies of ‘progress’ and ‘growth’ and absorption in the global economy.

fPcN got branches in:

Thailand, Philippines, Kenia, Paraguay, West Papua, England and Czech Republik.

Among the peoples we work with and support are:

In Asia:

* the Aeta, Ati, Agta, Batac, Mamanwa, Manik (Kenseu and Kintak) Lanoh, Kintah, Yahai, Tboli and the Mendrik. All of south east Asia (commonly referred to as Negritos) * the Wanniya-laeto (Veddah) (Sri Lanka)

In Oceana:

* the Tjapukai in Australasia, the tribes of West Papua * the Adivasis, Chenchu and Kurumba of the Indian subcontinent, * the Kwaio and Landalanga on Malaita in the south west Pacific, (commonly referred to as Negritos)

In Africa:

* the Batwa, Bahrwa, Baka, Aka and Bambuti of central Africa (commonly referred to as Pygmees) * the Hadzabe, Hai//om,!Kung and G/WI of south Africa (commonly referred to as Bushmen)

In the Americas:

* the Jupaú (”Uru eu Wau Wau”), Ayoreos, Wayana, Wayampi and Teko (commonly referred to as American Indians)

These peoples are not looking for ‘equal opportunities’ but the just to be left alone, to live as they have always done, practicing their traditional religions or folk beliefs and organising their societies in their own way. Many of the peoples we work with do not slot easily into bureaucratic categories, and so they are denied fundamental human rights and often face systematic persecution, genocide and murder.

The activities of modern, urban man have caused the most terrible destruction of nature and a leveling-down of human cultures to a banal, homogeneous pulp. The globalist ideal is not a variety of cultures and subcultures tolerating each other, but Amazonian Indians working for oil multinationals, watching the satellite TV and listening to pop music on a Sony Walkman. Consumer-capitalism destroys both cultural and ecological diversity. It alienates the individualfrom their nature and puts sterile competition in place of loyalty to their environment or tribe. Material abundance breeds iniquity and spiritual despair.

f P c N aims to reverse the processof development. Instead of imposing on tribal peoples modern offices, modern schools and modern superstores, we should learn from their reverence for nature,their lack of sentimental hypocrisy, their ancient wisdom, their physical and moral strength. We are uncompromisingly on the side of peoples who resist the forces of ‘civilisation’ which have for centuries corrupted our own world.Their struggles have become ours, too.

f P c N gives its preferential support to tribes, groups and communities who wish to retain their traditional lifestyles. We consider peoples living close to nature to be completely sovereign.No government, corporation, missionary group or NGO should have the right to impose on them; alien political systems, alienreligions, or alien, money-worshipping economics.

We fully support their strugglefor self-defence against invaders, settlers and colonists, their wishes to govern themselves in their own ways and according to their own traditions. We condemn alike the activities of police and armies, liberal educationalists, ‘politically correct’ officials, corrupt dictatorships, religiousmissions and greedycorporations.

f P c N views policies of assimilation and integration as mechanisms of ethnocide. We categorically oppose development aid which presents westernisation as inevitable or desirable. For the last pure tribes on our Earth, the best form of \\aid\\ is to be left to live in peace.

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