Hans Dieleman

My name is Hans Dieleman and I am one of the honorary members of Cultura21. I have a Dutch nationality and I live in Mexico-City. I am a sociologist of art and sustainability, was professor titular at the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, unidad Azcapotzalco in Mexico-City and I am currently a profesor in Educación Ambiental in the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México, and a member of staff of the faculty of Social Sciences of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I have a MSc in theoretical sociology and a PhD in social sciences.


My work focuses on knowing sustainability and changing towards sustainability. I think we cannot really understand sustainability by using scientific knowledge and science-based practices (only). That is why I am interested in artful knowing and artful doing. In changing towards sustainability I focus on the ‘more-than-rational’: emotions, intuitions, symbolic meaning, stories, visions, world-views, paradigms, etc. Since 2000 I work in the field of Art & Sustainability and I organized various events (exhibitions, performances, lectures, conceptual-parties) in Rotterdam, Bangkok, Lund, Mexico-City and soon in Venice. I taught classes in Art and Sustainability in Rotterdam and Mexico and wrote various articles on the topic. In 2004 I published a game-book (in Dutch) with the title ‘Playing towards Sustainability’ and since then I am involved in playing games (all types except strip-poker!)

For more info please go to the Spanish pages of this site or to the website of Cultura21 México: http://cultura21.net/mx

Hans Dieleman

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