Brut de béton production

Brut de béton production is a french theatr company and a structure set up for conception, construction and execution of artistic productions sensitive to the human impact of societal issues in the world today.
Since 1999 the compagny has worked a lot with Belarus, which has been (re)discovered through the book “La Supplication” written by Svetlana Alexievitch. For six years, Bruno Boussagol, director has particularly worked on this textes and each “season” a new performance, a new book, a new film or documentary have been born. He has used too to go to Belarus and Ukraine to create new artistic project, especially “The diagonal of Chernobyl” in 2006.
Since 30 years, Brut de béton production is carrying out an artistic reshearh with people suffering from psychosis.

More informations about the company, in french on
Bruno Boussagol

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