Goals of the international network

This shared discourse page elaborates the general goals of the international network of Cultura21.

first draft (from Davide Brocchi's feedback on the first meeting)

The network is just born. For now, we may summarize the goals of the international network in three points – and we are asking members to further correct/improve them:

1. the promotion of the exchange, the synergies and the cooperation between

(a) arts

(b) sciences

( c ) civil society and social movements

2. the intercultural, trans- and interdisciplinary discussion about development (Globalisation and Sustainability) and the ways of thinking and of life characterizing cultural diversity in contemporary human societies

3. the development and the promotion of the social and ecological goals of the sustainability through a cultural strategy

These goals are very general – because a closer definition of them may not be possible (a) at the beginning of a new network/discussion and (b) in an international wide space.

These first draft goals are open to improvements and changes on this page. Please place your discussions of this page on the dedicated conversation page: Discussion page

(1st draft proposal, Davide Brocchi, Apr 5 2007 ... minor changes by Sacha Kagan, May 16 2007)

alternative first draft (from the English leaflet distributed at the ESA arts conference)

Overall Goals

Cultura21 is a platform for the promotion of a cultural change in the sense of a sustainable, social ecological change process. The goal to overcome the global economic, social and ecological crisis and the debate on Sustainability need new approaches. The crisis has cultural roots in an autistic model of human development. Thus, its resolutions requires cultural approaches.

1) We do not ask for face-value revolution but for cultural evolution.

2) We call for the invention and use of adequate media that sustain open, auto-eco-organizing cultures.

3) We call for a transdisciplinary education and for experiential learning.

4) We advocate a radical change of paradigms in western culture, towards systems thinking: We need to rethink reality in terms of dynamic co-evolutions and interacting leverages.

Goals for Culture

◊ to critique cultural structures supporting social injustice;

◊ to explore the cultural dimension of the search process of Sustainability, in terms of interculturality, interdisciplinarity, values and emotions;

◊ to implement the cultural dimension of Sustainability in education, the media and other cultural fields.

Goals for the Arts

◊ to identify, explore and discuss the potentials of the arts for cultures of Sustainability;

◊ to exercise a constant critical awareness of the pitfalls and issues in the art worlds that are working against cultures of Sustainability;

◊ to look for best practice cases and carry out evaluations;

◊ to contribute to an integration of the arts in education for Sustainability;

◊ to design and implement joint projects building synergies between network members.

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