Migration backgrounds

A conversation started about being a migrant, because many members of Cultura21 Germany and of the international network have been migrating across the world...

It is indeed interesting that so many people have an immigration background. Maybe this is a very important issue. I have been living most of my time abroad now since February 2004. Now I look with some feeling of alienation to the discussions in the Netherlands (and probably in other EU countries alike) about double nationalities and national cultures and traditions. I feel it is something of the past. A part of the problem and not part of any solution to our problems.

I what way is getting loose of are national heritage important for building a new society based on new premises? Maybe an interesting feature is being ‘post-national’, which is not the same as international. Well, just a thought again.

(by Hans Dieleman, Apr 30 2007)

About the immigrants in C21 I see some similarities between a part of the immigration and a part of the artists: maybe it is a kind of “mobility”, of “movement”. In both case you need the courage to separate yourself from the existing, ordered and sure structures for looking/searching for something new. The artists and the immigrants (in my definition) cannot think “dogmatic”. They have to learn moving themselves in a eternal open space between exclusion and integration. They always re-define the borders of the system – and maybe it is the explanation for your question, why some people feel artists and immigrants as unpleasant. There are no more “naturalness” and “matters of course” there, where artists are working, where foreigners are living. These two groups are ideal sources for a cultural dynamic of the society – but not everybody likes and wants an open dynamic.

On the other side I am describing an ideal image of artists and immigrants. They are also limited humans and need also an own harbour, some securities, etc. Some of them find it in a kind of fundamentalism, in a own strength. I think it is also a consequence that our modern society cannot communicate with the strange and the own environment very well. The dynamic of the modern society (for example the market dynamic) is only a self-referenced one.

The immigrants, who Lisa meant, are not from deep Africa, but also from France or Italy. But there are also a lot of Germans, who don’t feel themselves at “home” in Germany.

(by Davide Brocchi, Apr 30 2007)

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