Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what's new on the wiki?

To know which wiki pages have been updated or created recently, for the whole wiki, click on “recent changes” in the right frame of the wiki while you are still on the start page of the wiki.

If you are a network member, please first login, and then click on “recent changes”. Only then will you also see what has changed in the “red area” of the wiki...

If you click on “recent changes” while you are on the start page of a color-zone (e.g. the orange area), you will only see the recent changes that took place within that color-zone... Go back to the general start page of the wiki and then click on “recent changes” in order to see what’s new on the whole wiki.

How can I add new pages?

Pages are created as in every other wiki. Simply create a link to a non existing page, follow this link, and click on “Create this page”.

To add a page to a wiki zone, put the zone color in front of the page name.

Example: To create the page “mynewpage” within the orange area, create the link “orange:mynewpage”, follow this link, then click on the “Create this page” button.

To create links, put the page name in two square brackets. Read more on creating links on the syntax help page.

How can I delete a whole page?

Simply “edit” the page, erase all contents and save your changes.

Please do not erase pages without careful consideration.

I don't find the contents / I can only see an index of pages

If you click on e.g. “orange” or “green” on the right-hand side menu, what you access is the Index of files, not the start page. You should then either click on the “start” wikipage, or more simply: Do not use the right hand menu but the links on the main page of the wiki (left hand side)... To speak in “Microsoft Windows language”: If you visit a ‘folder’ instead of a ‘file’, all you find is the index of existing files in that folder, and not the contents of one of the files...

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